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Dodie Merritt

Dodie, a gifted program coordinator in Illinois and educational consultant, is renowned for her co-development of the Primary Education Thinking Skills program (P.E.T.S.™), which is used in classrooms across the country. Dodie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Holyoke College, her teacher certification from Northern Illinois University, and her Masters in Teaching & Leadership from St. Xavier University.

Dodie has a rich background in education, having served as a teacher, gifted coordinator, graphic artist, educational consultant, and Future Problem Solving Coach. She is the first Illinois Future Problem Solving Coach in 26 years to have competitors going to International Competition in three different divisions simultaneously. Her Senior Scenario Writer placed 2nd at the International Competition after winning the Illinois State Competition. 

Dodie has developed materials and educational workshops on curriculum differentiation in mixed ability classrooms, critical & creative thinking skills,  independent study, product assessment, and the nature of giftedness. Her workshop titles are as follows (click on each for more information):


Conference Sessions

Response to Intervention Workshops

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Dodie is the author/co-author of the following books published by Pieces of Learning: (Click on a book for more information.)


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